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My On-Campus Classes Distance Learning Instructions. 

How do I attend my TRA classes?

  • Classes will take place at their regular times through an online platform called Zoom. 

  • Students will receive a Zoom invitation through EMAIL for EACH class they attend at TRA

  • Your computer will need a camera and microphone.  There is a phone app (see tutorial below).

What if I have difficulty logging in?

  • Text or email your teacher ASAP to let them know.

  • Teachers will be recording their classes and they will be available through email so you can still see the class.

  • We will be using this platform for as long as needed so make every attempt to have what you need to join.  You will still be responsible for getting your assignments and keeping up with your homework. 

How do I turn in Homework?

  • Go ​to your PRAXI parent or student portal and they will be posted as usual.  

  • Please be patient with the teachers.  They are also having to learn how to do all of this remotely!

How do I get my Assignments and Handouts?

  • Go to your Praxi parent or student portal and click on OTHER.  You should see a drop down box for each class where you can put your homework.  

  • These may not all be set up yet--we are working on it.  Please be patient.  They will be there ASAP.

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