Language Arts I 

5th-6th Grade


This course is designed for middle school students. 

  • Language Arts I Students will be studying Grammar, Literature, Writing and Study Skills

  • This class meets 2 days per week. 

  • The tabs below are required training for the course.  Contact the teacher when they are completed. 


Mrs. Gibbons

Required Materials

3rd Edition

TEXTBOOKS:  Learning Language Arts Through Literature PURPLE BOOK

Common Sense Press 


1. A 3 ring binder with tabs

  •  5 tabs: notebook paper,            assignment sheets, writing, Literature, Grammar tests to correct

2. Notebook paper

3. A 3-ring zippy bag with

  • pencils (sharpened with good erasers

  • a set of colored highlighters for writing and

  • index cards for research paper

TEXTBOOKS:  Analytical Grammar Student Book AND Teacher Book required. 

Required Novels

Farmer Boy

Trumpet of the Swan

Meet Addy

Caddie Woodlawn

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