Praxi Resources

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PRAXI Training and Resources

Praxi is our Student Information System and online, 24/7 grade book. 

  • Parents and Students use Praxi to track grades and assignments. 

    • Parents are to check their student's Praxi grades AT LEAST once a week. 

  • Parents also use Praxi to take Homeroom Attendance 

    • Count both on AND off-campus days until you reach the total 170-180 days

      • For this task, parents must sign in with a Homeroom Login ( NOT the parent login) 

      • Training is available by clicking the tab above: "Taking Attendance with Praxi"

  • TRA uses Praxi to hold all information concerning a family and student including: contact information, medical information, discipline issues, awards, class schedules, grade cards and transcripts--and much more.