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Schedule an Appointment

Parents and students are required to meet with the Guidance Department to plan and /or confirm their course choices annually.  Booking Site Link

How do I Change my Schedule?

If you should need to change your schedule, please follow these steps:​

  1. Fill out a Class Change Form and submit it for approval

  2. A meeting may be scheduled to discuss the change--particularly if it will affect graduation eligibility.

Lifelong Learning

TRA provided educational opportunities both on and off campus and makes learning a lifelong goal.   

For on-campus classes, qualified teachers teach in two-hour blocks and design practical assignments that lead students to mastery through discovery.  

For off-campus or at-home classes, curriculum must be pre-approved and progress is monitored.  Research shows that strong healthy family connections are a key component to student success and learning at home fosters these relationships.

As families of faith, we believe that being educated prepares us for ministry and vocation.  Demonstrating the Kingdom is at the center of all we learn and do. 

Use the drop down menu under the Academics Tab to choose Elementary, Middle School, or High School for course information. 

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