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Academic Guidance Counseling

Liz Darnell

Guidance Counselor

Welcome to the
TRA Guidance Department



The Rock Academy is working hard to provide you with up-to-date resources pertaining to course selection, diploma options, graduation, college admissions, standardized testing, and other important topics.

Schedule an Appointment

My appointment book is at the front desk of TRA.  You may call the office and see what times and dates are available- OR- you may just sign the book when you are at the school.  Meetings can be Zoomed, but please note that in the book. 

Students in 9th -12th grades are required to meet with TRA Administration or Guidance annually to update their plans for graduation.   These can be done as Zoom, phone, or live meetings. 

Group Meetings are also scheduled through Zoom.

New Diploma Options
TRA has  recently updated its diploma options for high school graduation.  We are very excited to offer the Career Paths option for students who will be going into the work force immediately after high school.  These students will be encouraged to work during high school and earn on-the-job credits which will count toward graduation. 
Community Service



Students graduating from The Rock Academy are required to complete 

a minimum number of volunteer hours of community service.

Standard or Career Diplomas: 75 hours

College Preparatory Diploma: 100 hours

Where Can I Serve?
  • Students may earn 1/3 of their total hours by providing documented service at their home church.   

  • The remainder of the hours must be from an approved charity or 501(c)3 organization. 

  • Please contact the office if you have questions about approved locations. 

  • Students will fill out the Community Service Packet upon completion of all requirements--including a 300 word essay. 



Students may begin counting service hours as of their first day of 9th grade.

Community Service Packets MUST be completed and turned in by March 29, 2024.

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