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​Admissions & Enrollment Options

Have Questions?  Click the "Inquire About TRA" button to the right.  This will lead you to a Request for Information page.  TRA administration will contact you to answer questions and schedule a tour.

Online Applications are only accepted after families are contacted to schedule an interview and eligibility for enrollment is reviewed and discussed in person.

For re-enrolling families on a TRA diploma track, an academic planning session with the TRA Guidance Counselor is required prior to being enrolled in any classes. Please call and schedule a meeting. 

Families and students are required to abide by the policies and procedures outlined in the TRA Parent and Student Handbooks and the TRA Code of Conduct and Dress Code. 

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Enrollment Options

Austin 2021

Full Enrollment (University Model) 5th -12th Grades


  • Classes are offered in 2-hour blocks on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

    • Qualified teachers provide lectures, projects, assignments, and assessments all in a small classroom setting. Students can complete the practical (assigned work that leads to mastery of content) at home under the direction of their parents.​

  • Guided Study is an additional education service made available on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays for those students who need  to work with a teacher for the completion of all practical work, assessments, and projects. 

    • Guided Study provides the opportunity to be on campus 3, 4, or all 5 days. Space is limited.

  • Parents may opt to have their children take courses other than those offered on campus including courses taught at home, tutored courses, virtual courses, and apprenticeship opportunities. With approved curriculum and documentation of content mastery and grades, these courses can be listed on a student's transcript and become part of their academic record. 

  • Students who receive state scholarships cannot use scholarship dollars to pay for  off-campus courses.   FTC students can take up to 2 FLVS courses annually. 

  • Parents are responsible for purchasing the textbooks and materials.

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Traditional On-Campus Elementary (5 days) Kindergarten - 4th 

In addition to the hybrid program and other education options, TRA now provides a 5-day a week (8:30-3:00) elementary school.  TRA plans to continue the academic excellence and family environment established in our preschool by adding a grade per year with the ultimate goal of having a full K-12 5-day education program.  

Currently, TRA offers full time Kindergarten, first, second, third, and fourth grades

School hours: 8:30-3:00.  Wrap around childcare from 7:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. is also available. 


Incoming Kindergarten students must pass a Kindergarten readiness test and have all medical records (immunizations or an exemption, school entry physical, and birth certificate).

First Grade

Incoming first grade students must have passed Kindergarten and have all medical records (immunizations or an exemption, school entry physical, and birth certificate).

Second Grade

Incoming second graders must have passed first grade and have all medical records (immunizations or an exemption school entry physical, and birth certificate).

Third Grade

Incoming third graders must have passed second grade and have all medical records (immunizations or an exemption school entry physical, and birth certificate).

Fourth Grade

Incoming fourth graders must have passed third grade and have all medical records (immunizations or an exemption school entry physical, and birth certificate).

Classes have limited space. 

The admissions process begins with an Inquiry, Application, and Interview. 

All curriculum is included in the tuition price. 

Guest Student

Students who are enrolled with the county as homeschoolers or who are enrolled with other institutions, are still eligible to take individual classes with TRA as Guest Students. 

All on-campus classes are eligible for Guest Students when there is space available. Students are provided with a grade card at the close of each semester and for high school credits, a transcript is provided documenting the course(s).  

Classes are $750 per class and parents are responsible for purchasing the textbooks and supplies. 

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For families that are looking for a private school option where they can do their coursework at home, TRA offers the Quest Program.

  1.   Students must meet all qualifications for enrollment and adhere to the TRA Code of Conduct.

  2.   Academic Plans/Courses must be approved by the TRA Guidance Department.

  3.   All curriculum must be approved prior to beginning courses.  All materials must meet minimum standards and be administered as to uphold the high academic standards of TRA. 

  4.   Quarterly reviews of school work will be scheduled and all work and credits will be verified by TRA before being added to the transcript. 

  5. Students 3rd grade and up will be tested using the BASI standardized test annually. 

  6. All policies concerning academic honesty, timely progression through courses, and academic minimum standards must be adhered to. 

  7. Students who receive state scholarships cannot participate in the Quest Program. 


Ignitia Virtual Program

TRA partners with Families of Faith Christian Academy International and Alpha Omega to offer this Christian Virtual Program. 

ACADEMIC OPTIONS for Grades 3rd- 12th 

1.  Students may opt to take all of their courses through Ignitia from home according to the approved plan from the TRA Guidance Department. 

2.  Students may opt to take selected Ignitia courses to complete their approved academic plan as set up by the TRA Guidance Department.

3.  Guest Students may utilize the Ignitia Program as part of their own academic plan.

4.  Students on state scholarships must do all Ignitia work on campus under the direction of TRA faculty.

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