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Code of Ethics


Faculty Members and Staff of The Rock Church and The Rock Academy are required to be of good moral character and must adhere to a code of ethics.   Our ultimate goal is to glorify God and fulfill His purpose.  Our Standard of Ethics and training concerning behavior, ethics, policies and procedures will lead us to the achievement of this goal.


All instructional personnel and administrators are required, as a condition of employment, to complete training on these standards of ethical conduct  annually and to complete a Child Abuse Awareness Course every 2 years.  


Reporting Misconduct by Instructional Personnel and Administrators

All employees and administrators have an obligation to report misconduct by instructional personnel and school administrators which affects the health, safety, or welfare of a student. 

Examples of misconduct include

  • obscene language,

  • drug and alcohol use,

  • disparaging comments,

  • prejudice or bigotry

  • sexual innuendo

  • cheating or testing violations,

  • physical aggression

  • accepting or offering favors.

Poster and Reporting

  • Legally sufficient allegations of misconduct by Florida certified educators will be reported to the Office of Professional Practices Services. 

  • Information on reporting misconduct by instructional personnel or school administrators which affects the health, safety, or welfare of a student are posted in the school's main hallway by the copy machine.

  • Reports of misconduct of TRA employees should be made to:  Liz Darnell, Headmaster or Steve Parker, Senior Minister



If someone tells you about misconduct, be a LEADER:



Act immediately

Document  (write the information including the dates)


Report to:  Kaley Hoffman (Principal)

                    or Steve Parker (Senior Minister)


Failure to Report Misconduct

If instructional personnel or administrator fail to report misconduct, they will be required to meet with the Senior Minister and/or Liz Darnell immediately.  A written report will be filed.  The personnel will be instructed on the proper protocols and procedures.  Depending on the severity of the situation the personnel may be suspended or terminated and a discipline sanction will be filed on their educator's certificate.

This poster is displayed in the main education area at The Rock Academy.

-Listen       -Evaluate       -Act Immediately

-Document      -Encourage       -Report

Name: Mrs. Kaley Hoffman
Title: Principal
Contact:  407-688-2445 Ext 114


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