On-Campus Culture

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Kindness and Grace

Although we are all imperfect in some way, we are being changed day by day and minute by minute into the image of Christ.  We are renewing our minds and practicing kindness and grace.    God has designed that this would happen in the context of fellowship with others.  

Learning to maintain Kingdom standards while governing what we say and how we say it, listening to others-even if we disagree-, and walking in forgiveness are foundational planks to the structure of TRA campus life.  

TRA faculty believe that we model this behavior for students, teaching them what it is to honor and respect one another.  This is how we are truly one and bring glory to God.   It is not the easy path for it is far easier to put others down and retaliate when someone offends us.  When students act unwisely, we quickly lead them to repent and demonstrate how to handle situations of frustration in a better way.  Students who display chronic or severe behavior issues that do not respond to our classroom management strategies cannot continue to remain on campus.  

Healthy Salad

At this time, TRA students are required to bring their own lunches and snacks to campus. 


The Rock Academy believes in bringing the Kingdom to the fine arts in a powerful way.  Students are given the opportunity to learn all about theater, including the audition process, music training, choreography, set and prop building, while in a positive environment of excellence.   



TRA is happy to welcome Kayla Lagasse as the dance instructor for ages 2-18.

Class times and costs are provided at the beginning of each school year.  For the remainder of 2019-2020, classes are on Mondays for $25 per month (introductory price).

TRA Theater Presents

The Enchanted Bookshop



Saturday, April 24 at 10:00 pm

Saturday, April 24 at 6:00 pm

Sunday, April 25 at 10:00 am



Every school year, students take on the challenge of ministering to families in need through fund raising and bringing awareness to specific needs. 


  • Volunteer for Community Service both on and off campus

  • Run a booth at The Rock Church Fall Festival 

  • Participate in 'Pink Days' for Breast Cancer Awareness

  • Raise money for needy families through raffles and candy sales

  • Bring needs before the student body

  • Participate in their local churches and youth groups