Guided Study

Every on-campus course provides a 2-hour lecture/activity class per week. On our University Model, students will attend the class, receive the assignment sheet (3 additional hours of course work), complete the work at home with a parent assigned and turn everything in the following week. 
Guided Study is a program that provides classroom time and a faculty member to oversee the practical work of the assignments during the week.  Most students will never need this program, but for those that do, there are 1, 2, or 3 day options. 
While it is not personal private tutoring, it is small group instruction where students interact, learn, complete projects, take assessments, review, and learn to take ownership of their education.  The goal is to develop lifelong learners who love both the process and the outcome!
Students on scholarships are required to be on campus all five days each week and are required to participate in all three days of Guided Study.