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 Here at The Rock Academy we love our faculty and staff. They are like family to us and are well qualified, trained and ready to prepare your student to be the best they can be!

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Theater Director


  • High School Graduate of International Community School 2002

  • Currently in pursuit of her AA and Bachelors in Business through SSC


Kaley has been teaching at TRA for 10+ years in the classroom and has produced over 11 major productions including 6 musicals. She is an accomplished singer and songwriter. She brings her passion for hands on learning with creative projects and group activities to her history classes as well.


Liz and her husband Tim were called into the education ministry since they began home educating their children in 1989. To this day, ministering to families by offering education opportunities is one of their greatest joys.


  • Bowling Green State University (1977-1980) Music Ed

  • UCF (1980-1982) Music Ed

  • SSC (2001) AA Gen Ed with Honors


Liz has been administrator and co-founder of Faith United Home Educators (1990-1998), International Community School High School Administrator (1998-2007) and Principal and math teacher at The Rock Academy (2009-Present). She has more than 20 years of classroom teaching experience and has more than 25 years of experience serving with FCCPSA, a faith based accreditation organization.

Liz Darnell.jpg

Liz Darnell

Kaley Hoffman

Guidance Counselor
High School Math Teacher

Mrs. Hoffman and her husband Matt teach their 3 daughters through The Rock Academy. Mrs. Hoffman has been with the school since 2009 and has a passion for fine arts and bringing the creativity of the Kingdom into the classroom. Her passion is to see children realize and pursue their purpose with passion and integrity!

Middle/High School Science and Math Teacher

Ryanne has always had a passion for science and math. As a former student of TRA, she volunteered more than 200 hours at the Ponce Marine Science Center. She graduated with honors from TRA and went on to see her dream come true of earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Biology in just 3 years!


  • Graduated from TRA 2015

  • Seminole State AA Degree in Gen Ed

  • USF, St. Petersburg, FL Bachelor of Science Degree in Marine Biology


High School Science Teacher


  • North Central University Bachelor of Arts Elementary Education

  • Florida State Certified Teacher (2015-Present)


Ryanne Graham

Andy Green

Andy is well known in the homeschooling community as a successful tutor, teacher, and coach. She loves helping families reach their educational goals. Mrs. Green shares her love of learning and demonstrates to students perseverance and excellence!


Andy is currently an educational and curriculum consultant for homeschooling families and provides her services of evaluator, tutor, and writing instructor. She has over 15 years of teaching experience and has been with TRA since 2016.


Ryanne is currently in her second of teaching at TRA and has brought her youth and love of science to the classroom!

Middle / High School Math and Guided Study Teacher


  • Attended SSC for Computer Science, Mathematics and Accounting

  • Software Developer in the private sector for 11 years

  • Computer Consultant 16 years


Joe has been working in the area of computers for nearly 30 years. He is a retired professional who brings his computer expertise and math skills to the students of TRA.

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  • Details coming soon


Sidney has worked for Kidz Rock Early Learning Center from its inception in 2013. She loves helping kids to learn and is in her 2nd year of teaching here at TRA. She loves to share her creative talents of painting, drawing, sculpting and photography with the art students. She has helped them discover new art forms this year like epoxy, nail art, paper mache and comic book creation. She has helped them find a passion for expressing themselves through art.


Joe Hoffman

Joe has been a faithful member of The Rock Church for more than 18 years. He is committed to the purpose and calling of this house and is determined and strong. Joe defeated Covid 19 in 2020 after spending 3 months in the hospital. He is a walking miracle!

Sidney Phillips

Sidney has been a part of The Rock of Central Florida for more than 10 years. Her love for art is contagious and she loves to share that in the classroom.

Middle and High School Art Teacher

Faculty Advisor and Ignitia Teacher

Yanzza has been a vital part of the work of TRA for the last 4 years. She has volunteered, taught and is now overseeing our professional development. She is actively meeting with teachers and ensuring we are surpassing the standards. She is a vital part of our team and is developing a program for teachers that is second to none. 


  • Stetson University, Bachelor of Arts: Political Science/Pre-Law Minor: International Relations/Latin American Studies

  • Walden University, Masters of Science: Integrating Technology into the classroom.


Yanzza has extensive teaching experience and has been an instructor for SSC, Meadowbrook Middle School, and Galaxy Middle School. She has taught ESOL, Geography, American History, Social Science and served on numerous boards as well as serving as a mentor to teachers. This year she has taken on the role of faculty advisor, training, teaching and overseeing classroom management, accomodations and standards!



  • SSC G.E.D

  • Fluent in Spanish as a native speaker


Dianna has years of experience as a home education parent, having raised 5 children and worked closely with The Rock Academy, International Community School, and For His Glory Co-op. She is very involved with her worship team at her church and has a wonderful and warm relationship with her students. She loves hands on projects and encourages her students to create beautiful works of architecture and art. She loves to bring the Bible to life and make it a real part of student's education in history. Dianna also loves Spanish and tutors out of her home for students who need a foreign language.


Yanzza Rojas-Negron

Dianna Strickland

 High School History Teacher and Spanish I & II Tutor

Dianna has been a great part of TRA since 2015. She is genuinely concerned with the growth of her students both academically and spiritually and is a demonstration of the Kingdom to each one of them.

High School English and American Gov & Eco Teacher

Trish brings her passion, innovation, and experience to TRA and has been a blessing to all who attend her classes. She consistently makes learning exciting while demonstrating her faith in a genuine and natural way.


  • State of FL Exceptional Student Education (K-12) Professional Educator's Certificate

  • Elementary Education (K-6) Professional Educator's Certificate

  • Board Certified Behavior Analyst Graduate Certificate

  • New Jersey Certification as a learning Disabilities Teacher/Consultant

  • Rutgers (NJ) B.S. in Public Health B.A. in History


Trish has been teaching since 1998 and has been a part of our team since 2016. Students love the interactive way she teaches making everything exciting and meaningful. Her goals are to serve typically developing and gifted students and those with disabilities by addressing their individual needs.

Darby has been teaching for TRA for 2 years and has taught all over the world including South Korea. He loves drawing, photography, reading and writing Haiku. He brings his class to life with stories from his many travels.


  • Fine Arts degree from Atlantic Union College

  • Certification in TESOL from International TEFL and TESOL Training in Thailand

  • ESL Teacher at the Orange County Library System


Darby has been teaching English since 2008 and also has a lot of experience in the field of photography. He is an accomplished artist and has experience with home education with in his own home. He has taken on US History this year, which he loves and is teaching the students how to put together the yearbook with his skills as a photographer.


Trisha Walshe

Darby Harvey

Middle School English, US History and Yearbook Teacher

Tannia has a passion and great talent for creating an environment where children feel the wonderment of learning. She desires to connect with parents, working as a team, to see God's will fulfilled in the lives of children.


  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology from UCF


Tannia has been a lead teacher at Ladybird Academy from 2017-2020 and joined the TRA faculty for the 2020-2021 school year. Her strengths are organization and communication and she prides herself on her connection with our families.


First/Second Grade Teacher

Amber is in her first year of teaching for The Rock Academy and has a passion for teaching and imparting to children. She is a kind person who brings great energy to the room. She is quiet and reserved but very organized in the classroom and in her life. She is a strong leader in the classroom and among the faculty.


  • Associates of Arts Degree from Daytona State College in 2014

  • Pursuing Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and expected to graduate in 2021

  • Childcare CDA and Director's Credentials from Early Learning Coalition in Flagler, FL


Amber was a lead teacher at Ladybird Academy in Debary, FL from 2018-2021 where she learned leadership and patience in the classroom.  


Tannia Colon

Amber Latham

Kindergarten Teacher

Marilyn and her husband home educated their son through TRA until he graduated in 2020. She has used her talents for cooking and baking to bless others and taught our middle and high school classes to do the same. She loves elementary and has a passion to see her students be reach beyond their potential. After care has exploded because of her creativity and love for all things art and baking!


  • Early Childhood Certification: Manhattan Christian Academy, NY

  • Private Baking Business: Specialty Cakes


Marilyn has worked in early childhood education for more than 15 years. She assisted with our TRACES program for 2 years and taught cooking and baking classes to our Middle and High school students. She is an expert in our Guided Study program helping our middle and high schoolers be excellent in the work they turn in.


Brooke is a young and vibrant college student at Seminole State University. She loves working with children and enjoyed her time as a teacher's assistant in high school. She wanted to work in a field where she made a difference in children's lives and applied to work here to pursue that goal.


  • High School Graduate of One School of The Arts in 2019 and a member of the National Honor Society

  • Currently working towards her Associate of Arts at Seminole State College


Brooke was a teaching assistant in high school and gained experience in classroom management during this time. She also has experience in retail where she learned customer service and how to talk to people. Brooke is excited to use her creativity and love for children in our After Care program.


Marilyn Rivera

Brooke Canavan

After Care and Guided Study Teacher

After Care Teacher

Michael is in his first year here at The Rock Academy and brings an enthusiasm for history and philosophy to the classroom. He loves chess and has started a chess club here. He is an avid reader and loves biking and cooking. 


  • Bachelor of Art in Theology with a major in Christian Thought from Reformation Bible College


Michael was a teaching assistant, research assistant and tutor at Reformation Bible College between 2018-2021. Although this is his first year in a Middle School classroom, we are excited to see him grow and develop his skills in the classroom. Michael also completed the teacher training over the Summer required for all teachers at The Rock Academy.


Campus Supervisor

Joyce has been a member of the Rock of Central FL for 21 years and is living out a dream to help out at The Rock Academy. She is volunteering her many talents to help oversee our study halls, help out the teachers and connect with the students.


  • Studied Word, Excel and Word at the Computer Institute at Seminole State University

  • Skilled in the use of Illustrator 9.0 and Photoshop

  • High School graduate of Fairmont High School in Kettering, OH


Joyce is a recent retiree from Bell Chem where she worked in sales and accounting from 1996-2021. She enjoys computers, art, photography and crafting. We love Mrs. Joyce so much!


Michael Hall

Middle School History Teacher

Joyce Marah

Elementary Director and 2nd/3rd Grade Teacher

Heather is a member of The Rock of Central FL and loves crafting and sewing. She loves children and has dedicated her life to teaching them. She loves building things with her husband and doing anything outdoors. Heather brings so much life and light to her classroom and we are honored to have her here at TRA.


  • High School Diploma from Mt. View High School in Bend, OR

  • Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education from Pinellas Technical College in 2001

  • Certification in Child Care Operations in 2016


Heather has taught many different ages and grades in Elementary for several years. She worked as the kindergarten through 2nd grade teacher from 2005-2015 at Harris Private School in Oregon. She also was Assistant Director / Education Coach from 2016 to 2021 at Primrose School of Winter Springs. Heather is talented and anointed and heads up our entire elementary program from curriculum to training.


Middle School PE Coach

Shevieve is a passionate and enthusiastic teacher who has a love for all things fitness. She has been a member of The Rock of Central FL for 15 years and joined The Rock Academy in her first year of teaching PE in 2021. She enjoys weightlifting, CrossFit and camping with her family.


  • High School Diploma from Lyman High School

  • Personal Training Certification in 2018 from American Counsel on Exercise


Shevieve and her husband own and operate their own gym, Shadow Pack CrossFit in Debary, FL where she personal trains and leads classes on a daily basis. Shevieve is also Red Cross CPR and AED certified. Shevieve completed TRA's New Teacher Training Course in 2021

Shevieve Pic.heic

Heather Coday

Shevieve Padgett

High School Bible Teacher


High School Bible Teacher

Sam is the Mission's Pastor at The Rock of Central FL since 2020. Sam is passionate about reaching kids and others with the message of the Kingdom. He loves mechanical work, travel, self-growth and improvement. He is also a new dad!


  • High School Diploma from Sonlight Academy in Haiti

  • Certified Harley Davidson Motorcycle Technician from MMI in 2019

  • Worked as a teacher for Kidz Rock ELC in 2020


Sam was an assistant teacher at Kidz Rock ELC where he gained a passion for working in children's education. He is a full time Mission's Pastor at The Rock where he oversees all mission work including Nation's Cafe (coffee shop). He is responsible for leading and teaching the young adult's group at The Rock of Central FL alongside his wife. Sam completed the Rock Academy New Teacher's Training in 2021.


AJ Phillips

Sam Shoaff