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SAT Testing

There are a number of reasons for student to consider taking the SAT exam, even if you do not think you will go to college right out of high school. 

  • To graduate, students are required to take an annual test. SAT meets the requirement.

  • Your plans may change and you may need those test scores after graduation.

  • SAT scores can qualify you for college entrance and scholarships.

Did You Know?

You can take the SAT multiple times?

  • Scholarships such as Bright Futures will take your highest reading and your highest math scores even if they were not taken on the same day.

  • There are a lot of study resources available from your library, bookstore, or internet.  

Set up a College Board Account.

TRA CEEB # 102-330

Test at your local public or private school

See testing & registration dates below. 

Use this number when registering for a testing date. 

SAT Testing Schedule.png
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