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MS Math 6/5

5th and 6th  Grade 


This course is designed for middle school students.


  • Math 6/5  Students will study the foundational skills of math leading to a proficiency that will lead to success in upper math. 

  • TRA will provide all tests and assessments. Please do NOT purchase the supplemental materials found online. 

  • The tabs below are REQUIRED TRAINING for the course.  Contact the teacher when they are completed. 

Course Overview PDF



Teacher: Mrs. Batista

Required Materials


math 65.jpeg

This textbook is a paperback, but it is NOT

a workbook. 

Students will do all work on separate sheets of paper kept in a 3-ring binder. 

Saxon Math 6/5 Textbook

3rd Edition

2005 Saxon Publishers, Inc



All supplies are required DAY 1

  • TEXTBOOK only (shown)

  • 3-ring binder 1.5 or 2 inch

  • 3 Tab Dividers: Homework, Tests, Notes

  • Loose notebook paper

  • Pencils and erasers

  • Ruler or protractor (straight edge)

  • Calculators are NOT PERMITTED

  • Solutions Manual is NOT permitted for students.

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