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MS Math 6/5

5th and 6th  Grade 


This course is designed for middle school students.


  • Math 6/5  Students will study the foundational skills of math leading to a proficiency that will lead to success in upper math.

  • Students will be required to have their homework graded at home. 

  • TRA will provide all tests and assessments. You will not need the HS Test packet. 

  • The tabs below are REQUIRED TRAINING for the course.  Contact the teacher when they are completed. 



Teacher: Mrs. Batista

Required Materials


math 65.jpeg

Saxon Math 6/5 Textbook 3rd Edition


math 65 sol man.jpeg

Saxon Math 6/5 Solutions Manuel 3rd Edition




  • Students will do all work on separate paper

  • Solutions Manual  (Parents will be grading homework, so this is necessary.)

  • Students will maintain a notebook--3-ring binder

  • Students will need lots of pencils, paper and erasers.

  • Calculators are NOT PERMITTED

  • Some copies of the book are available to borrow from TRA. Please contact the office to check on availability.


You may purchase the entire Home School Kit which includes the textbook, solutions manual, and tests if you find a good deal, but TRA will provide tests. 


CD Rom Tutorials are also available but NOT required.  If your student struggles, this may be a good idea.

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