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Algebra II 

1.0 Credit (Algebra II)  


This course is designed for high school students, but may be taken by eligible middle school students. 


  • Algebra II  Students will build on the foundational skills of Algebra in preparation for upper math. 

  • Students will be required to complete 3 assignments per week outside of class. 

  • TRA will provide all tests and assessments. 



Teacher: Mrs. Graham

Required Materials


alg 2.jpeg

Saxon Algebra 2

 Textbook  - 2nd OR 3rd Edition


Please do not buy the Teacher's Edition


All supplies required Day 1.

  • TEXTBOOK:  SAXON Algebra 2               (2nd OR 3rd edition.) 

  • 3-ring binder 1.5 or 2 inch

  • 3 tab dividers (Notes/Handouts, Homework, Tests/Quizzes)

  • Graph paper

  • Loose notebook paper 

  • Pencils and Erasers

  • Ruler Straight edge, Compass, Protractor

  • Scientific Calculator REQUIRED

  • Students are NOT PERMITTED to use the Solutions Manual

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