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1.0 Credit (Pre-Calculus)  


This course is designed for high school students.  This course is only offered at the honors level. 


  • Pre-Calculus  Students will build upon their Algebra and Geometry skills as they move into Trigonometry and learn the basic skills necessary for Calculus.  

  • Teaching videos are provided for each lesson in addition to the classroom experience for added support.

  • Math Lab is provided also for students who need homework help.

  • The tabs below are REQUIRED training for the course.  Contact the teacher when they are completed. 

Required Materials



Mrs. Darnell

adv math.jpeg

2nd Edition 


Saxon Advanced Math 


You can buy this used!

pre calc sol man.jpeg

2nd Edition 

Solution Manual

This is required in order to grade the homework at home. 


You can buy this used!



Pre-requisites are Algebra I , Geometry, and Algebra II


  • TEXTBOOK:  SAXON Advanced Math book 2nd Edition

  • Solutions Manual  (Parents will be grading homework, so this is necessary.)

  • Students will maintain a notebook--3-ring binder

  • Students will need lots of pencils, paper (including graph) and erasers.

  • Calculators are required--must be scientific, but do not need to be graphing

  • TRA will provide all tests and assessments. You will not need the HS Test packet. 


You may purchase the entire Home School Kit which includes the textbook, solutions manual, and tests if you find a good deal, but TRA will provide tests. 


CD Rom Tutorials are also available but NOT required.  If your student struggles, this may be a good idea.


TRA has several of these books for loan. Please inquire to reserve. This is on a first come first serve basis

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