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Biology I 

1.0 Credit (Biology I)  


This course is designed for high school students. 


  • Biology I  Students will be participating in discussion, study, and experiments as they study Biology from a Christian worldview.

  • CHANGED as of July 8.  The WRONG EDITION was pictured.  This has been corrected below. 



Teacher: Mrs. Green 

Required Materials


biology text.jpeg

Do NOT attempt to purchase the Notebooking Journal for the 2nd edition Biology book as it is NOT AVAILABLE.

TRA will provide the materials.
SEE NOTE to the right.

Apologia Exploring Creation with Biology - 2nd Edition

You will need to find this USED.


  • Apologia Exploring Creation with Biology Textbook 2nd Edition

  • Notebooking Journal will be provided by TRA

    • $25 for Private Pay Students

    • Covered by Scholarship

  • 1/2 inch 3-ring binder

  • Paper

  • 24 colored pencils and black pen

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