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Attendance Verification


If The Rock Academy is your child's school of record, then 170-180 days of attendance must be documented.  Your child may take courses that are off-campus, so parents are required to document all days counted as school days. 

  • Parents receive login information to document attendance on PRAXI (student information system)

  • If, Praxi does not work in your situation, you may be given permission to keep a paper log of attendance 

On-Campus Students

Students who attend campus all five days, have their attendance taken by the administration and are NOT required to document school attendance.  This includes:

  • On-campus Kindergarten

  • FTC and FES students

During the distance learning taking place during the COVID-19 situation, FTC students who are learning at home MUST document the days and hours they are working through the curriculum and assignments.  Please submit this form to the TRA Office weekly.

Guest Students

Students who are enrolled under our Guest Student Program have their cumulative files held by other institutions and are NOT required to document attendance to The Rock Academy. 

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