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Consumer Math

1.0 Credit (Geometry)  


This course is designed for high school students. 


  • Consumer Math - Students will explore the world of Consumer Math featuring explanations of concepts with helpful examples, exercise sets, Stewardship & Scripture features, and chapter and cumulative reviews. 

  • Math Lab is provided also for students who need homework help.

Required Materials



Teacher: Mrs. Darnell



BJU Consumer Math Student Workbook 3rd Edition


CM Tests.jpeg

BJU Consumer Math Test Booklet 

3rd Edition


This MUST be turned into the teacher on the first day of school



  • BJU Consumer Math Textbook and Test Booklet

  • Students will maintain a notebook--3-ring binder

  • Students will need lots of pencils, paper (including graph) and erasers.

  • Calculators may be needed and are recommended for this course.

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