5th -12th Grades


This is a multi-graded course which consists of a semester of Theater Education and Experience and a Semester of Production.  This year's production was re-scheduled due to Covid and will be held in October.


Semester I

Students will be performing the The Enchanted Bookshop in October.  Students will participate in all aspects of the production including singing, dancing, and acting. 

Semester II

The first semester, students will dive into Drama through the eyes of history. This first 18 weeks is broken up into unit studies during the four major historical time periods in which drama was created and developed into what we know today. They will dress up in traditional Shakespearean costumes, create Greek tragedies, make radio dramas come alive and perform many famous pieces. Through each time period, the student will learn about the history, costumes, design elements, improvisation and performance first-hand.

Mrs. Hoffman

Supplies Needed for this Course


  • 1 ½” Binder

  • They will need 5 divider tabs labeled with the following

Tab 1 – Greek, Tab 2 – Medieval, Tab 3 – Renaissance, Tab 4 – Elizabethan, Tab 5 – Modern

  • Notebook Paper in each section

  • Pencils, colored pencils & erasers 

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