1.0 Credit (Geometry)  


This course is designed for high school students. 


  • Geometry Students will explore the world of proofs and logical reasoning.  Algebra skills will be reviewed. 

  • Teaching videos are provided for each lesson in addition to the classroom experience for added support.

  • Math Lab is provided also for students who need homework help.

  • The tabs below are required training for the course.  Contact the teacher when they are completed. 

Teacher: Mrs. Darnell

Required Materials




Saxon Geometry - 1st Edition

Homeschool Kit $110

The Homeschool Kit includes the Solutions Manual (Which you NEED) and the Test book


Pre-requisites are Algebra I. 


  • Saxon Geometry Textbook - 1st Edition

  • Solutions Manual  (Parents will be grading homework, so this is necessary.)

  • Students will maintain a notebook--3-ring binder

  • Students will need lots of pencils, paper (including graph) and erasers.

  • Students will need a protractor and compass.

  • Calculators are required--must be scientific, but do not need to be graphing


You may purchase the entire Home School Kit which includes the textbook, solutions manual, and tests if you find a good deal, but TRA will provide tests. 


CD Rom Tutorials are also available but NOT required.  If your student struggles, this may be a good idea.

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