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Required Medical Records


Birth Certificate

Every child must have a birth certificate in their school file.

  • Readable copy is fine

  • If born in a foreign country, their must be an officially translated version of the birth certificate


School Entry Physical

At this time, TRA will accept the following:

  • Official school physical from any year including Kindergarten entry into a Florida school copy  FORM:  DH3040

  • OR current Sports Physical



Immunizations MUST be current and up to date.

  • MUST be on the FORM: DH680

  • For grades K-6 the doctor must indicate CODE 1 (compliant includes all school entry required immunizations)  SEE SAMPLE

  • For grades 7-12 the doctor must indicate CODE 8 (compliant includes 7th grade immunizations) SEE SAMPLE



Immunization Exemptions

TRA accepts the following exemptions for immunizations:

  • Religious Exemption --must be on the official DH 681 form

  • Permanent Medical Exemption-- must be officially marked on DH 680 form from the doctor



Scoliosis Screening

Students who will be entering the 6th grade in the fall must be screened for scoliosis. Here are your options:

  • Have your doctor do the screening and bring TRA the documentation.

  • Participate in the scoliosis screening provided by TRA --Dates to be determined for the 2019-2020 school year.

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