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Spanish I   
1.0 Credit 
This course is designed for high school students, but qualified 8th graders may enroll for high school credit. 
 Spanish 1 introduces students to beginning Spanish. Students will learn how to ask and answer questions in Spanish, give and follow directions, purchase items, make small talk, and present the gospel. The textbook is rich with activities to help students gain confidence with the Spanish language. 



Teacher: Mrs. Batista

Required Materials


Spanish 1.jpeg
Spanish Act.jpeg

BJU Spanish 1 Textbook

 2nd edition - $61

You can buy this used MUCH cheaper

BJU Spanish 1 Activites Manual 2nd edition - $31

You can buy this used MUCH cheaper


  • BJU Spanish 1 2nd edition Textbook 

  • Activities Manual

  • 1.5 inch 3 ring binder

  • Loose leaf college rule paper, pencils, pens and erasers

  • Large pack of Notecards and Notecard Holder

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