High School English III/IV 

1.0 Credit (English I/II)


This course is designed for high school students. 


  • High School English III/IV  Literary Criticism   This is a brand new LLATL Gold book!   Emphasis will be placed on great literature and various forms of writing. This edition will be available summer 2020 from Common Sense Press. 

  •  The class is multi-graded and Mrs. Walshe will teach both 11th and 12th graders in this class.  

  • The tabs below are required training for the course.  Contact the teacher when they are completed. 


Mrs. Walshe

Required Materials


  • Textbook: LLATL

  • Seven Sisters 

  • Novels

  • 3-ring binder for Literature       (Large 2-3 inch) Mondays

  • 3-ring binder for Writing. (Large 2-3 inch) Tuesdays

  •  6 Tab-Dividers 

  • Highlighters

  • Notecard

  • Black/blue pen, pencil

Brand New Edition-

TEXTBOOKS: Learning Language Arts Through Literature-Literary Criticism

Common Sense Press

This 4-part writing curriculum for high school includes: https://www.7sistershomeschool.com


  • Intermediate Guide to High School Poetry Writing by Vicki Tillman

  • Intermediate Guide to High School Essay Writing by Marilyn Groop

  • Intermediate Guide to High School Short Story Writing by Vicki Tillman

  • MLA Research Paper Guide by Allison Thorp

Required Novels


Tuesdays with Morrie

starship troopers.jpg

Starship Troopers


The Trial



Count of Monte Cristo

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