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Guest Student Enrollment CHECKLIST

1.  Re-enrolling Guest Students 

  • IF you are a re-enrolling Guest Student: Choose your classes by filling out the Course Schedule form for each student.

  • Submit the form ASAP.  Your spots will be reserved upon receiving the form/approval and paying the registration through FACTS. 

2.  New Family Application

  • Complete the application and return to the TRA office.  

  • Not applicable for re-enrolling Guests.   

3.  Family Interview/Academic Interview

  • Families will be contacted to set up an interview.

  • Families will be notified by phone or email.

  • Eligibility for class enrollment will be determined

  • Families may be required to show previous grade card, transcript for assessment or class placement. 

4.  Set up FACTS Account

  • Agree to financial terms and conditions

  • Agree to total costs

  • TRA does not issue refunds.  If a student withdraws, parents are responsible for the entire contract after enrollment process is complete. 

5.  Complete Online Enrollment with PRAXI

  • Go to PRAXI to complete the enrollment process. 

  • This is where families will complete all the rest of the registration information for enrollment. 

  • Agree to the Parent Partnership Agreement

  • Agree to the TRA Parent Handbook and Policies

6.  Preparation for Class

  • Participate in Orientation (Parent & Student)

  • Complete Required Training (generally online)

  • Purchase curriculum and materials (Kindergarten curriculum is included in tuition.)

7.  Medical Records

  • Guest Students need a birth certificate, immunizations, and a school physical.  Click the tab to see details. 

Will be updated if necessary.

 TRA Guest Student Checklist and Documents

Welcome to The Rock Academy.  This checklist will help you track your progress through the enrollment process.

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